Devoted to the history of jewellery, the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum is unique in the world. From antiquity to the present, about 2000 exhibits reveal the vast diversity of jewellery over five thousand years.

The exhibition "Heavenly Bodies - the Sun, Moon and Stars in Jewellery" demonstrates how the myths surrounding precious metals and celestial bodies influenced the arts of jewellery and watchmaking. Motifs symbolizing celestial bodies can be found in all cultures and eras.  By wearing cult objects with cosmic motifs made of gold, people sought to win their favour and to share in their glory. The exhibition in the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum includes objects from ancient Egypt and cultures of the Mediterranean like pieces of Byzantine jewellery and also exhibits of "celestial" jewellery and watches which were created in the 18th to 21st centuries in Europe and overseas. The "HM Double Hemisphere Perpetual Moon" was chosen for the exhibition by the Pforzheim Jewellery Museum as an impressive example for the role, which the moon still plays in the arts of watchmaking.

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