The historical "Presidential Train" was originally used by the head of state of Portugal and his entourage between 1910 and 1970. The construction of its carriages is called "royal trains" and has its origin in the second half of the nineteenth century. After a process of conservation and restoration the "Presidential Train" was kept in the state´s train museum and moved again only for the exclusive trip into the Douro region. 

In April 2016 the historical train embarked for the first time on Gourmet tours with the famous Chef Dieter Koschina of the restaurant "Vila Joya" from Porto to the vineyards and premium Port wine tastings in the Douro region. Austrian Chef Dieter Koschina is the only Chef in Portugal who won two Michelin stars for twelve straight years. 60 passengers per day enjoyed the exclusive Gourmet Lunch prepared by Dieter Koschina and his crew in the historical Restaurant Carriage during the train ride through the picturesque landscape. Arnold & Son's watches were showcased in the luxury atmosphere of the "Minister's Hall" Carriage, where the state´s ministers used to draw up strategic plans and future concepts. Before and after the exclusive Gourmet menu, passengers had the opportunity to relax with a drink and admire the exclusive Arnold & Son timepieces. Arnold & Son's Royal Collection and Instrument Collection completed the daily Gourmet tours in a perfect way.

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