Providing a top-class platform for regional guests to meet individuals with a serious interest in high-end boats and cars, the Singapore Yacht Show continues to grow in popularity every year and is now one of Asia Pacific's most renowned and prestigious marine-themed events. This year's show attracted thousands of visitors, made up of yachting professionals, boat owners, business decision-makers and luxury lifestyle representatives. Among them was charter and sales broker Northrop & Johnson, who offered a tantalizing array of luxury sailing yachts and other vessels. During the show, he won the Best Asia based Charter Company Award at the Asia Pacific Boating Awards! For the 2nd year in a row!

Arnold & Son's presence with Northrop & Johnson at events like the Singapore Yacht Show serves a triple purpose. First, it gives the brand direct access to a prestigious target group of refined luxury connoisseurs. Second, it is a perfect opportunity for the company to highlight a history in which its founder John Arnold and his son, Roger, played a leading role in developing a reliable means of determining longitude at sea. Third, and perhaps most importantly, it provides the brand with a glamorous platform for its exquisite high-end products and new launches. Two of this year's favourites included the Nebula, which, as its name suggests, features custom bridges in a reverse star pattern resembling the Crab Nebula, and the Constant Force Tourbillon, a high-end timepiece that combines extreme precision and a true beat seconds.

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