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Royal - HM Horses Set

Arnold & Son in honour of the Lunar New Year proudly presents a special limited edition of 28 pairs of watches inspired by the horses depicted in traditional Chinese ink-wash paintings.

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Royal - TE8 Métiers d’Art I

True to English watchmaking and handcraft heritage, Arnold & Son unveils the TE8 Tourbillon special edition Métiers d'Art I, limited to only eight exclusive timepieces. This latest special edition to the Arnold & Son Royal Collection is an eloquent expression of elegance and sophistication in the inimitable English style and demonstrates the brand's traditional prowess in the classical decorative arts.

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Royal - HMS1 Dragon

To mark the Chinese Year of the Dragon, which started in January 2012, Arnold & Son had launched as an addition to the HMS1 collection, the HMS1 Dragon Limited Edition in rose gold with a magnificent gold dragon appliqué.

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Royal - HMS Victory Set

The HMS Victory Set is a fitting addition to the Arnold & Son Royal Collection. Expertly handcrafted, it reflects the elegance and sophistication of the inimitable English style and was inspired by the timepieces produced by John Arnold for King George III and the royal court. The HMS Victory Set is an impressive demonstration of the brand's prowess in classical decorative hand engraving.

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Royal - HMS Lady

Simple as it may appear, the HMS Lady exemplifies the perfection towards which Arnold & Son strives and is a modern interpretation of the company's traditionally elegant design combined with outstanding craftsmanship.

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Royal - Hornet James Cook Set

Arnold & Son was a preferred supplier of marine chronometers to the Royal Navy. Thanks to their precision, the company's instruments were indispensable as a means of determining longitude reliably at sea and accompanied many a captain and explorer on their voyages of discovery.

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Instrument - TB Victory

The designers of Arnold & Son's Instrument Collection took their inspiration from the distinctive instrument-like chronometers produced by John Arnold and his son, John Roger Arnold. These delivered the robustness, reliability and down-to-the-second precision needed by marine navigators to determine longitude.

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Instrument - East India Company Set

The East India Company Set is the latest addition to Arnold & Son's Instrument Collection and comprises three timepieces that combine maritime precision with aesthetic perfection. The models celebrate the East Indiamen, the vessels that helped to establish the trading supremacy of the East India Company. 

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